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  The rabbit is a very lovely animals, many people are raising. A few days ago, a friend to lend me a rabbit for a few days.

  The rabbit is so beautiful! With red, red eyes, like cried. Snow White fur, small mouth and a long beard, really like a fragile princess. The rabbit is very big, is the biggest I raised a rabbit.

  I put the rabbit in a cage, in the balcony, went back to the room playing computer. When I went to feed the rabbit to eat green vegetables, suddenly found the rabbit disappeared. I searched for and found a rabbit hiding under a chair, I was relieved. But how the rabbit ran out of? There is a big question mark in my heart. It turns out that is a rabbit opened the door of the cage, his front PAWS ran out. This is really a smart rabbit!

  The rabbit began to what all don't eat, even if it won't move on the eyes. The next day, the rabbit became very greedy, could think of it: don't eat white don't eat, let's have a bite. I gave it a big plant leaves, it still didn't eat satisfied, continue to head high head, looking for food, eat can eat more than we are! In some cases, the rabbit is hungry, will eat mat under the cage newspaper, not also eat rabbit newspaper! Really incredible.

  The rabbit ate things, and no it was scratching with its claws. Mother said: "the rabbits, there are a lot of bacteria infection easily. It is best not to touch it by hand."

  I found a lot of secrets about the rabbit, really happy!








  When my birthday last year, my father bought me a lovely little rabbit, little rabbit leap to jump very lively. Because it was white, so I give it was named for nothing.

  Little rabbit white white with a white hairs, far look like a regiment Bai Rongrong snowballs. Its ears are long, always straight stand up, eyes like red diamond on the white hairs, a red and white, very beautiful. Small nose both sides has a few empress beard, a gust of wind blowing, beard also slight swing. Its mouth is three petal mouths, like petals, eat, three petal mouths a together, cooperate with the tacit understanding, is very interesting.

  On one occasion, I wronged, the in the mind very afflictive, locked himself with nothing in his or her home. All be gently touch me, seems to be and I say: "small master, don't injustice, don't injustice, I also very upset." It jumped to the front of the mirror, in front of the mirror in the small rabbit bow, seems to be making friends with a rabbit in the mirror. It is very funny, I laugh out loud.

  I like the little rabbit in our house, in vain.






  Today, I and cousin and cousin went to KFC, there stands a lot. Have a snack. Toys and animals. I took a fancy to a stall selling animal, just looked at it in the past.

  Ah!Good small rabbit!! With my slap, almost all the hair snow-white snow-white, no besmirch, his eyes were red, like a pink eye, long ears, short tail invisible, still chubby, good love, is also very sprout. I think: so lovely rabbit, who won't buy?? Anyway, this year is the year of the rabbit, just buy a bai!Then I asked: "how do you sell this rabbit?" 30. "" cheaper. "I bargain." At least 25, also sent a bag of feed. "I paid 30 yuan (cage 5 blocks). My cousin bought a turtle, is to use some kind of artificial agents injected into make it develop into a two-headed turtle eggs, 40 yuan a. Cousin to use mobile phone take a picture for it.

  Returned home, the little rabbit came to a strange new place, jumping in the cage, I put it on the sofa, it's a bit quiet down, can not love in me, almost bit me, in order to improve my feelings, I got a green vegetables, feed it after wipe off the water, it looked at me first a few eye, the nose to smell the green vegetables, seemed to be the poison, thought I, detect no danger, to gulp the taste. It is eat by hand holding up slightly, as people eat watermelon is so funny, beard also become warped up, as if to say: the best, the best! "


  呀!!好小的兔子呀!跟我的巴掌差不多,浑身的毛雪白雪白的,没有一个污渍,眼睛红红的,像一个红眼病患者,耳朵长长的,尾巴短得看不见,还胖胖的,好惹人爱,也很萌。 我想:这么可爱的兔子,谁不会买呢?? 反正今年也是兔年,干脆就买一只呗!!于是我问:“这兔子怎么卖?”30。”“便宜点。”我讨价还价。“最少25,还送一包饲料。”我付了30元(笼子5块)。表弟买了一只小乌龟 ,是用某种人工药剂注射到龟蛋中使其发育成双头的,40元一只。表姐用手机给它拍了一张照。

  回到家,这只小兔子来到陌生的新的地方,在笼子跳来跳去,我把它放到沙发上,它有点安静下来了,可对我没好感,差点咬了我,我为了增进感情,我拿来了一枝青菜,把水擦干净后喂它,它先望了我几眼,在用鼻子闻了青菜,仿佛以为我下了毒药似地,察觉没危险之后,才大口地吃起来。它吃的时候是用手微微捧起来的,像人吃西瓜一样,滑稽极了,胡子还一翘一翘,好像在说:极品,极品呀 !”


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