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  On Monday afternoon, the weather is sunny, my father took me to the zoo.

  Entered the zoo's door, down the garden path, the first thing we see is mighty lion, huge roar scared I haven't see it clearly quickly slipped away. Is not far from the pine tree monkeys, a boy saw us coming, jumped to the front of us, from the tree and looked at me, as if to say: "bring me delicious!" I took a piece of biscuit in the hole of barbed wire, a monkey to bite cookies, result didn't bite down, another monkey is very clever, it took cookies finish feeding pine monkey with the hand, we came to the next to the camel, the camel although tall, but still very docile, I took out something to feed it, see it crouched down,, open your mouth slightly, took the food. Through the wooden bridge, we came to the monkey mountain, a few monkey saw me and ran into a wall while waiting I feed the food, I threw a piece of biscuit, monkeys contend for grab, grab the biscuit of monkeys, sitting on the ground eating with relish, and monkey playing, playing in the tree. Put on a monkey mother is fed baby, mother brother sister sat in the sun.

  It started late, we left the monkey hill, on the way return.





  Last Sunday, we go to taiping zoo visit. The zoo is big. There were many animals.

  We ride the father "gran torino" go to the zoo, we talking and laughing all the way. About ten minutes, we arrived at destination, I saw there was a sea of people. We very not easy to get tickets, in the zoo.

  Entered the zoo, you can see cute little monkey in the swing. In addition to the monkey, we can also see orangutans. Turned a look, we can see the nose like straws elephant. It is water, then spray the water to the tourists. The elephant is proudly shook his head.

  All of a sudden, we heard cries "shout". It is the tiger roar. The tiger stood up and head high head, open mouth yawned and then open, I saw two tigers doused in the water, there is a tiger lying lazily in the sunshine on the stone. The composition

  Wow, white swan head wearing a small hat, swan head has a protuberant, swan feathers like Snow White. Among a group of white swan and a black swan in swimming.

  "Come see snakes!" Younger brother cry, we quickly to the cage garden, saw the snake brother rough rolled up his body, like a big stone.

  Time passed quickly, then suddenly arrived at noon, we go home reluctantly. I like the animals here, hope to have the opportunity to revisit locally.









  It's sunny, cloudless, I with my father and mother went to the zoo of jinan.

  Entered the zoo, we went to the first herbivorous faunal region, herbivores district has a few big antelope, mother took out two pieces of cabbage feeding antelope, behold oryx saw plastic bags full of cabbage, come up to grab bag. Which of my mother and I have seen this appearance ah, time has changed, dull to stand in situ, after a few seconds, my mother and I didn't react, hurriedly escape, eland have engaged, closely followed us run, suddenly dad said: "quick, put plastic bags in the backpack." My mother and I hurriedly put plastic bags in the bag. Half antelope. They don't have to see the things to eat, and dull walked away, after a minute, my fifteen buckets to draw water - so anxious heart calm down.

  We walked on and saw the docile alpacas, I took out two pieces of Chinese cabbage, feeding the alpaca, alpaca was pleased, with its tongue and lick my face, licking the later, it will be good on the grass. Dropped to the grass, I think it is quietly ride to its body, with handle gently touch, alpacas, its fur is soft, feels very comfortable. I was having this rare moment, but alpaca stood up, I fell down from the back, buttocks is swollen. Although alpaca fell free me from it, but I still like it, face before walk don't forget to give it a cabbage, I kissed alpacas face to say goodbye to it, watched the I left alpaca reluctant to go.

  From grazing faunal region, and we went to the forbidden zone, bought three series of meat, ready to feed the tiger. First car, we sat on the special cage through the pieces of the dense woods, gruesome, suddenly heard a tiger roar, I keep a look, a phenomenon of white tiger out of the window, the tiger body is white, no black lines, beautiful and noble, let I can't help to like it, I will meat string stretched out to hastily, the tiger ate immediately, fierce look extremely gentle.

  Out of the cage after the car, we went to see the captivity of black bear, black bear saw we come, hurriedly to greet us, thick, fat PAWS strain to clap, I couldn't help but think: "the black bear is not stupid."

  To leave a disaster area, we came to small faunal region, saw the monkeys, I just open open an orange peel, was about to eat, a monkey robbed in the past, with relish eat it, SOB, I like oranges!

  I looked up, I found the sun was setting, how time flies! I left the wildlife park, close to the day I had full and happy!









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