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  Friend for every one of us has a different meaning, the friend peer is a comfort, friends to encourage is a power, have friends to help is a kind of warm, have friends advice is a kind of incentive, the friend miss is a kind of happiness, and in our life will encounter a lot of friends, friends when meeting difficulties will help us solve the difficulties with both hands, when we are successful friends will stand up for our success and happy blessing. What is the friend in your heart?

  I have a friend, she has a kind heart, lively open and bright, her, is my good friend - beam thousands. She has a high bridge of the nose, small eyes special charming, a pair of flaps, let a person feel he is very clever.

  Her achievement general, but the approachable, strong affinity, (really not the kui is a Pisces!) Her laughter has a strong appeal, the space space space space of laughter made me long immersion. He has a mild nature, does not bear grudges, not like some girl in jest will make you very embarrassed, but her, no matter how much you and she have the enemy, how much hatred, you argue with her, you can't win, he would not ironic you, and will give you a stairs.

  People this life, know there are many, many, in the family of father, mother, brother and sister... In school, my teachers and classmates in the society you will know more and more, in these people you must be your best friend, everyone has, I have no exception, I have a friend a friend, she is with me as if, long fine eyes, looks very nice! I really close with her, and classmates.






  Li Ming is my best friend in our class.

  She has a pair of big eyes, like two watery grapes, like any clues, slight escapes her eyes. Her nose is small, but very sensitive. Her lips were red, mouth a little. Her ears, though small, but she is very careful listening in class. She has dark hair black, with long pigtails. She is short and thin. She likes singing and reading.

  She is a man of ingenuity. On one occasion, an art teacher taught us to do the fan, she taught two kinds of methods. Students successfully finished the first fan, but the second they won't do, no matter what they fold, how sticky, fans still do not come out. At this moment, I saw my deskmate li Ming has looked at the art book unhurriedly, wanted to think, she put a piece of folded the paper in the material bag, again in a piece of paper, fold paper according to the first method I saw her, I thought to myself, she this is not a waste of material? But I just found that she one fold the paper into two, according to the order of the positive and negative sides deftly fold, fold after she put the paper together with lines, use glue to stick the one at the beginning of paper, then glue stick chopsticks, finally stick chopsticks on another opening of the paper, it made the fan. I also made a right away, the students saw, began to ask li Ming, she pointed to the art book, let the students look at art book. The students also made a second fan.

  My friend is a man of ingenuity, envy I have a friend like you?






  The clouds of heaven is more and more close, it is becoming more and more dark. As a "bang" sound ray, a flash of lightning ripped the sky, the rain going underground.

  I lie prone on the windowsill, looking at rain on the window glass "PaPa". Suddenly, there was a young song; "Going to rain, I see you are running, looked at day, he reluctantly TanTanQi shook his head." Heard this song, reminds me of a good friend, can be easily. She is a smart, lovely, kind girl. She especially loves singing and dancing. In the rain "emphasizes" is her favorite song. Previously, the two of us together to play, when it rains, she loves to hum the song. I often smile, she asked her why she always sing the same song. She told me that she was born on a rainy day, when I was a child, her mother always sing this song before she sleep, so she have special feelings for the song, and so every rainy day, always involuntarily hum the song. She also told me some funny stories about her childhood.

  Childhood home keep a dog, her name is called "jia jia". Jia jia is a golden retriever collie from Britain. On one occasion, their whole family go out to play, forgot to close jia jia. When I come home at night, see home by jia jia at sixes and sevens. Easy to return to his room, he found the bed has a bubble shit, she suddenly received. Upon hearing this, I couldn't help to laugh.

  As soon as I smile, I wake up from the memory. Can be easily transferred to other schools already has more than a year, I really miss her! Don't know when to see her again.






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